Dinner for 7

Dinner For Seven

Serving Scott Free

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Dinner for Seven

All the women have common traits and common characteristics. They are all independent, beautiful, educated, financially stable classy, single and want to be married. And they each have their eyes set on Scott Free.
While they are successful,  confident, bold and charismatic in their own right, they all become connected to each other from knowing, meeting and choosing to love Scott Free.

Our Cast

The Cast of “Dinner for Seven”

Keith Jason White (Scott)

Robin Fletcher (JC)

Domonique Henry (Eric)

Tikima Bowers (Doc)

Quincy O'neal Clark (Johnathan)

Luchina Danielle (Ashton)

Gail Roberson (Bebe)

Ebony Goodson (Nikki)

Jasmine Pilgrim (Rachel)

Kasia Hart (Ellis)

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